<Theme Abstract>

Despite the international development organizations’ efforts toward mitigation of learner single motherhood, early pregnancies, and HIV prevalence among societies in Africa, these issues have remained persistently incremental in the last one decade and more recently worsened during COVID-19 pandemic. Menstrual poverty and related WASH problems remain systemic. What explains this trend? Prior to colonial invasion, sexuality was central to every society whereby the family was the educational pivot. The events that followed colonial occupation repositioned the sexuality values toward ‘presumed modernity’. The transitioning from the traditional to the ‘presumed modern’ practices has mutated into dynamic between-ness. In this symposium, we ethnographically interrogate this between-ness and associated complications. We tackle the sensitivities of sexuality in some societies and address the cultural, religious, and political dimensions of sexual education and practices. We identify the existential gaps in the sexual education in the life cycle of a ‘presumed modern African’ society.

Date: 28th -29th January 2023

Time: 1st day 10:30~17:30 / 2nd day 13:00~17:30

Venue: Room 303, ILCAA, TUFS and ZOOM

Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa(ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(TUFS)

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* TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) Field Science Commons (TUFiSCo)

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January 25, 2023.


10:30 Opening Remarks



Dr. Wakana Shiino (Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa(ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(TUFS))

<The 1st day: Traditional Sexual Knowledge Today >


1) Ms. Etuwete Shiningayamwe (Ph.D. Student, TUFS)

‘Challenges facing schoolteachers in preventing and managing learner pregnancy: The case of rural Namibia’


2) Mr. Tendai Mutembedza (Ph.D. candidate, University of Cape town)

 ‘Centering sexuality in men and communities’ constructions of early marriage practices in Zimbabwe.’

11:55~13:15  🍴 Lunch time 🍴

13:15~13:35(W: presentation)~ 13:45(L: presentation)13:55

3) Dr. Wakana Shiino (Associate Professor, ILCAA, TUFS)

Transmission of sexual knowledge – tradition and intergenerational disconnection in rural Kenya

+Ms. Lynnet Achieng Ogallo (Primary School Teacher)

13:55~14:05  ☕Break Time 


4) Dr. Florence Muhanguzi Kyoheirwe (Makerere University)

The Dilemmas of Communicating Sexuality Knowledge to the Young People in Uganda. Parents and Teachers Speak Out

14:40~15:05 (presentation)~15:15

5) Dr. Tom Ondicho (Associate Professor, University of Nairobi/ Visiting Professor, ILCAA, TUFS)

The Influence of Sexual Health Education on HIV Risky Sexual Behaviours and Practices among Kenyan University Students.

15:15~15:30    ☕Break Time

15:30~15:55 (presentation)~16:05

6) Ms. Kaori Miyachi (Visiting researcher, Saga University)

FGM/C and Education in the Present: How Have Anti-FGM Activities Brought Changes in Kenya?

16:05~16:30 (presentation)~16:40

7) Ms. Eri Koda (P.h.D. student, Ritsumeikan University)

Having Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mummies: Ambivalent Attitudes towards Youth Sexual Relationships in Urban Ghana.

16:40~16:50 ☕ Break Time



Commentator: Prof. Yukio Miyawaki (Osaka Metropolitan University)

<The 2nd  Day: Menstrual Hygiene Management(MHM) and Sexual Education in Africa>


8) Dr. Viola Nilah Nyakato (Senior Lecturer, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Uganda) : virtual attending

‘The Family Structure has Changed: Explaining the Need for a Cultural Shift towards Parents’ upper Hand in Sexuality education in Uganda’

🌼    🌼    🌼    🌼    🌼    🌼    🌼    🌼

13:35~13:55 (Ian: presentation)~14:05 (Beatrice)~14:15

9) Dr. Ian Karusigarira (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies:GRIPS)

In between Traditions: Interrogating MHM Education as an Inclusive Approach in Uganda.

Ms. Beatrice Kyogabirwe (High School teacher)

14:15~14:30  ☕Break Time


10) Dr. Stella Nyanzi (PEN Germany)

‘Politicisation of Organising against Period Poverty in Uganda: a Case Study of #Pads4GirlsUG’

15:05~15:30 (presentation)15:40

11) Mr. Vela Night Okindo (Trans Empowerment Initiative: TEI) : virtual attending

Dignifying Mensuration in Transgender Men.

15:40~16:05 (presentation)16:15

12) Prof. Elli Sugita (Osaka University)

Walls Standing in the Way of Menstrual Equity: A Case Study from Japan.

16:15~16:30  ☕Break Time



    Commentator: Dr. Soichiro Shiraishi (Hirosaki University)

◆Jointly organized by The TUFS Field Science Commons (TUFiSCo) , FSC(Field Science Center) and Kakenhi Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B: Wakana Shiino) 22H00769 ‘Volcanic Dynamics of sexualities, marriage and Singleness in contemporary East African Societies’, cooperated by African Studies Center-TUFS.


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