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This website is aimed at academic exchange between Japanese researchers who conduct field research in East Africa and African researchers who study in East Africa. We got various funds, both of us think and discuss about all the subjects, and we have collaborated and conducted research. We will continue to involve both young researchers from now on while discussing with the features of each gaze and standing position and we would like to develop arena for research together. We will operate with volunteers.

Currently, we are running the ILCAA Joint Research Project
Global Youth Dynamics and ‘reality’ negotiation in Eastern Africa (jrp000272)


<Related symposia and  study meeting so far>

●2013 Feb 8-9
International Symposium “Mobility, Hibridity and the Way to Co-existence: Re-structuring of Daily Life in Rural and Urban African Societies”
Venue: JSPS Nairobi Research Station
About ten researchers from Japan and Eastern and Southern Africa will present their on-going studies, we shall capture the characteristics of post-globalism urban and rural situation from the cases of multi-cited field researches in Eastern and Southern Africa. 
1st Day (8th , Feb.) 
Opening Remarks
Wakana Shiino (ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
●Session 1: Restructuring Urban Spaces and Places
Urban GIS framework for slum areas in Nairobi 
Charles Ndegwa (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology)
Powers of Private Cities: Mobility and Governmentality in the Liquid City, Johannesburg
Youhei Miyauchi (Centre for Asian Studies, Rikkyo University)
Soichiro Shiraishi (JSPS Nairobi)
●Session 2: Development Programme, Nation-State and the People
Reorganization of “We / Community” under Global Wildlife Conservation: From the Case of Loitokitok Maasai in Southern Kenya
Toshio Meguro (JSPS/ Tokyo University)
Flexible and Cooperative Management among Local Residents and Public Institutions in the Encounter of People and Wildlife around the National Park, Tanzania 
Mariko Fujimoto (JSPS/ ASAFAS)
Tom Ondicho (Institute of Gender, Anthropology & African Studies, University of Nairobi)
2nd Day (9th, Feb.)
●Session 3: View Points from Daily Life of the People
Knowledge and Socio-Cultural Role of Various Plants in Maasai society
Oliver Wasonga (University of Nairobi)
Sustainable Slash-and-burn Cultivation: The Invention of an Agroforestry System Utilizing Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii) by the Bena People in Tanzania
Fumi Kondo (ASAFAS, Kyoto University)
Successful Economy of Self-settled Refugees?: Mobility and Flexibility in Rural Zambia    
Rumiko Murao (ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Family and Mobility in the Centuries: Study of a Life History of a Lozi Family in Barotseland
Munukayumbwa Munyima (Institute of Economic and Social  Research, University of Zambia)
Youhei Miyauchi (Centre for Asian Studies, Rikkyo University)
International Workshop:Approaches and Methodologies of Field Research in Africa(2011年9月1日〜2日 開催)
Dr. Soichiro SHIRAISHI (JSPS Nairobi Research Station/ Kyoto University)
Dr. Wakana SHIINO (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Mr. Michael Oloka Obbo(World Vision)
Mr. Kiyoshi UMEYA (Kobe University)
Mr. Paul Owora(World Vision)
Mr. Kiprotich Solomon
Dr. Charles Ndegwa(Jomo Kenyatta University)
Ms. Midori DAIMON (Kyoto University)
Dr. Sylvia Nanyonga-Tamusuza (Makerere University)
Dr. Rumiko Murao (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Mr. Itsuhiro HAZAMA (Nagasaki University)
Dr. Yasuaki SATO (Osaka Sangyo University)
Mr. Richard Olwa(Makerere University)
Dr. Oliver Wasonga (University of Nairobi)
Dr. Tom Ondicho (University of Nairobi)
Dr. Mike Kuria (Daystar University)
●2011.Dec 17-18
International Conference of ILCAA Core Project “Pluralistic World Understanding based on African Studies”
Reading African Cities: Nairobi, Gondar, & Cape Town 
Session I “Nairobi: Field 3D Mapping Project”
“Memories of Changing Nairobi” 
“Analysis of Nairobi City by GIS”
Charles Ndegwa MUNDIA (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology)
“Challenge of Presenting Nairobi in 3D”
Yasushi NOGUCHI (Tokyo Polytechnic University)
Special Session “Urban Youth Culture in Africa”
“Lip Synch Practice ʻKarioki: The Social Dimension of the Youth Culture in Kampala, Uganda”
Midori DAIMON (JSPS / Kyoto University)
“Djembe Performance in Africa and Japan”
Commentator: Rumiko MURAO (ILCAA) 
Sunday, 18 December 2011 
Session II “Gondar: Urban Space and Architecture in Ethiopia, and the Modernization
“Stone Architecture in Africa: Gondar Style Architecture of Ethiopia”
“Formation of Urban Space and Architecture in Gondar, the Transformation during Italian Occupation, and Present Situation”
Tomohiro SHITARA (Mohri, Architect & Associates, INC)
Session III “Cape Town: The Explanation of City Characteristics Based on the Various Analytical Scales”
Ryoji TERAYA (Ehime University)
Commentator: Kumiko MAKINO (IDE-JETRO) & Yoko NAGAHARA (ILCAA)
General Discussion
International Workshop “Anthropology and Public Health Towards Multi-disciplinary Field Methods”
• Date/Time: 23-24 November 2011
• Venue: Room 304 (Multimedia Conference Room), ILCAA
• Language: English
Jointly sponsored by ILCAA Joint Research Project “Towards a Multi-disciplinary Approach for Developing and Harmonizing Field Methods in Anthropology and Development Studies”
<1st day>
• Ken MASUDA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Nagasaki University)
“Introduction of ‘Yugo-ken’”
Session I: How do we apply anthropology in the public health field?
• Juan Muela Ribera (PASS International, Rovira i Virgili University)
“Medical Anthropology in Community Participation Projects”
• Koen Peeters (PASS International, Institute of Tropical medicine Antwerp)
“Doctors and vampires: The fear of blood selling in Central Africa. An application of anthropological research in clinical trials”
Session II: How can we collaborate medical field and anthropology? – Cases in Kenya
• Mohammed Karama (Kenya Medical Research Institute)
“Social and community based challenges in attaining the health related Mellenium development goals in Kenya”
Tom Ondicho (Nairobi University)
“Violence against women in Kenya: A public health problem.”
Kaori MIYACHI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Nagasaki University)
“Anthropologists’ involvement in DSS”
<2nd day>
• Session III: Anthropological Approaches to Pluralistic Medical Situation? Cases from South and Southeast Asia
• Shiho HIRANO (Nagasaki University)
“Local etiologies and Treatment Seeking of Malaria related illness in Palawan of the Philippines.”
Ayami UMEMURA (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
“How the absence of words works for the patients’s experiences of illness?: From the case study of medical diagnosis among the traditional medicine in Sri Lanka.”
Ken MASUDA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Nagasaki University)
Comments: Towards Multi-disciplinary Field Methods
Discussions for future/further Collaboration.
This joint symposium is organized by young researchers from Makerere University and Kyoto University. Presenters and discussants specialize in various areas of study, such as social anthropology, social philosophy, comparative literature and aesthetics, and they are invited from various parts of the world as East Africa, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States for the purpose of an exchange and its promotion of information and views. We open this symposium to general audience to activate discussion and insure the involvement of researchers and under- or post-graduate students of all faculties. Under these formations, we are intending to raise an intellectual platform in Makerere University conducive to international multidisciplinary integration centred on re-contextualizing self/other issues. 


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