Karusigarira Ian (PhD Candidate at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) held an open lecture at Makerere University Kampala, School of Social Sciences. The topical issue was the discussions around Cyber Crime and how Developing Countries like Uganda can cope in rapidly advancing computer-related crimes. The lecture’s attendance was mainly students of criminology-bias  organized by Gordon Ainebyona. 

The question of global crime spillover to the developing countries in form of cyber attack has attracted a call to attention of scholars interested in crime and criminology, to rethink the possibilities of curtailing the devastating effect of this rapidly creeping phenomenon. 

As Uganda (and other African countries of similar characteristics) are slowly computerizing state functions, building databases clogged with citizens’ basic/personal information, it has become an open secret that the security of individual as well as states is at tenterhooks. We are asked therefore to rethink Crime Prevention strategies through target hardening of the would-be cyber-victims.

The lecture was more or less a life skill for the students because in one way or another victimhood (at least for those that attended) may come with limited possibility for those who attended.   


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