Ian Karusigarira (PhD Student at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) attended a Japan-African Collaborative Academic Symposium themed “African Potential”    

As African-inclined academicians engage in the ontological and epistemological encounters while explaining, exploring and describing the African potentials, there is a myriad of debates that incarnate with dichotomous manifestations such as the colonial discourse vs decolonization, the positive epistemologies vs. negative representation, pan-Africanism vs. hybridization. Given this background, imagination lies in our readiness to internalize these dichotomies and finding a leveled ground for scientifization of this emerging academic engagement. 

This (and other collaborative researches) are becoming the potential that scholars hungry for African research engagement and pedagogy—which further promotes conscentization for African academic identity—must interrogate. This approach helps to redefine African academic contribution not as objects and subjects of research processes leading to knowledge appropriation but rather as part of convivial and reciprocal interaction.