November 22nd (Sun) 2020 Start 4:30pm (UTC+9/JST)

ILCAA International Zoom Symposium YOUTH Posterのサムネイル

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Abstract for all presentations:



Opening Remarks and Introduction
4:30-4:45pm (JST), 10:30-10:45am (EAT), 8:30-8:45am (CET)

Dr. Wakana SHIINO
(Assoc. Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Japan)
<Session 1> Impact of Education on Youth
4:45-5:45pm (JST), 10:45-11:45am (EAT), 8:45-9:45am  (CET)
Dr. Chris OPESEN (Assistant Lecturer, Makerere University, Uganda)
‘Culture, Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education Aspects  in East Africa: Ethnographic Evidence from the Pokot Context of Female Genital Modification Rituals’
Dr. Soichiro SHIRAISHI (Assoc. Professor, Hirosaki University, Japan)
‘Extended “Age of Opportunity”?  : Adolescence, Uncertainty and Globalism among Youth in East Africa’


☕Break 10mins☕

<Session 2> Youth’s Dream and Challenges
5:55-6:55pm (JST), 10:55-11:55am (EAT), 9:55-10:55am (CET)

Dr. Wakana SHIINO
‘House Girl’s Life Plan in Nairobi: Reality and Dream’
Mr. Takuya HAGIWARA (Researcher, Kyoto University, Japan)
‘Use of Sport ×Social Media for Moving on to the Next Stage of Life: A Case of Young Cyclists in Kenya’
            ☕Break 5 mins☕

 <Session 3> Youth, Music and Politics
7:00-8:30pm (JST), 12:00-13:30pm (EAT), 11:00am-12:30pm (CET)

Dr. Piotr CICHOCKI (Assoc. Professor, University of Warsaw, Poland)
‘The Sound of the Young Mzimba: (Im)material Connections of Malawian Electronic Music’ 
Dr. Nanna SCHNEIDERMANN (Assist. Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark)
‘Ugandan Music Stars Between Political Agency, Patronage and Market Relations: Cultural Brokerage and Digital “Bigness” in Times of Elections.’  
Mr. Ian KARUSIGARIRA (PhD Candidate, TUFS) 
‘Facing up to Contemporary Political Absolutism through History and Threats: Aesthetics, LGBTI+ and the Youth Movements in Uganda’
           ☕Break 10mins☕

Questions and Answers, Discussions 8:40pm~9:00pm (JST), 1:40-2:00pm (EAT), 12:40~1:00pm (CET)

General Discussion and Wrapping Up
Dr. Laban Kithinji KINYUA (JSPS Research Fellow, Hosei University, Japan)
Dr. Stevens Aguto Odongoh(Makerere University)

Closing Remarks
Dr. Soichiro SHIRAISHI and Wakana SHIINO