International symposium “Family Transformation in Rapidly Developing Asia-Africa Societies Faced with Economic Disparity, Urbanization and War”

-Venue: Room 304, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS)

Wakiko Ohira (JSPS/ The University of Tokyo)

“Bunyoro’s Oil Development and its Influence at the Household Level: Increasing Land-Related Issues and the Importance of Land Governance”

Isao Murahashi (JSPS/ Kyoto University)

“Reorganization of ‘Family’ and Diversification of Livelihoods of South Sudanese Refugees: The Case of Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda”

Eri Hashimoto (Takachiho University)

“Dealing with Vulnerable “Blood”: Dilemmas on Marriage and Family among the Nuer Refugees in Uganda”

-Chris Opesen (Makerere University)

“‘A Pokot Man has One or Two Wives on Either Side of the Border:’ An Ethnographic Discourse of the Polygynous Family Setup of the Pokot at the Kenya-Uganda Border”

Soichiro Shiraishi (Hirosaki University)

“Migration, Education and Family Ties/Gaps: Fragments of a Family History in the Uganda-Kenya Borderlands, 1960s-1990s”

Hazama Itsuhiro (Nagasaki University)

“Living with Grandmother―Intergenerational Relationship among the Dodoth”


Charles Ndegwa Mundia (Institute of Geomatics, GIS and Remote Sensing, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology)

Ian Karusigarira (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)


November 5
The Changing Living Environment in African Cities, Asia and the “Family” Life

Charles Ndegwa Mundia (Institute of Geomatics, GIS and Remote Sensing, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology)
“Analysis of Development in Nairobi in face of Economic Disparity and Urbanization.”

Imoto Saori (University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture)
“Establishment and Development Process of Non-formal School Environment in Nairobi Slum”

Kamara Emanuel Gombe (Tokyo University of Information Sciences, Graduate school of informatics, Department of Environmental Informatics, Masters Student),
Eunice W. Nduati (Chiba University, Graduate School of Science/Faculty of Science, Department of Earth Sciences, PhD Student)
“A GIS and Remote Sensing Evaluation of Trends and Effects of Urbanisation in Dar es Salaam.”

Eunice W. Nduati (Chiba University, Graduate School of Science)
“Position Presentation on Application of GIS and Remote Sensing to Mapping and Monitoring of Cropping Regimes in Japan.”

YANG Feifan, NIE Haisong (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
“China’s Population Problem- A Sociological Survey of 1900 Subjects -“

“Toilet Situation and Sanitation in Nairobi Slums and the Innovation in Progress”

Yasushi Noguchi (Tokyo Polytechnic University)
“Residential Environment and Life Style in Nairobi Slum Residents: Through the Compact House Project”

Wakana Shiino (ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
“‘Family’ Circumstances Supported by House Girl in Nairobi”

Questions and Discussion
Comment: Chris Opesen (Makerere University)